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December 3, 2007

Her Life is Forever

My love lost her battle with ovarian cancer last March. She is still so very much much part of my life and that of the lives of our 5 girls.

Marie and I created so many memories these last few years that are more precious than those great times before her diagnosis, in spite of the endless rounds of every type of chemo invented.

Please, stay positive.

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I just recently found out I have Ovarian Cancer. I am also a mother of 5 children. i have 3 boys & 2 girls. I am very scared. I'm only 26 years old. My husband is terrified. I have a huge family history of cancer. Just this passed year my grandfater, the very last on my mothers side passed away. I really feel like I'm going through this alone. I Love my children very much and I pray to God that I beat this. The doctors say I have a really good chance because they caught everything early. I dont know what to think. My mother died at age 27, and my aunt who raised me died almost 2 years ago at age 36. I just want to know how you and your wife did it. I don't know what to expect. Please give me some honest anwsers.

Posted by: Marlene at December 10, 2007 7:42 AM

I am a 28yr old single mom of a 6yr old boy and was diagnosed with Stage II Ovarian Cancer in September. I've been received single-agent Carboplatin chemotherapy every other week since October. My CA-125 dropped initially (it started at 375, dropped all the way down to 125) but in the last few weeks has actually started to go up a bit. One of the comments left said to let the professionals deal with the CA-125 stuff... and he's right. It's an overwhelming thing to deal with when you don't even know what it all means... so I leave that up to my Oncologist now.

I'm hopeful that in a few months I'll get a clean bill of health, but I can't stop thinking of the what-ifs.

My doctor says ovarian cancer isn't a disease... calling it a disease means it can be "cured". He said OvCa is a chronic condition... painful to hear, but at least he's truthful.

I go to bed every night praying that I wake up dancing with NED (no evidence of disease) soon enough... but lately I just pray for the feeling in my toes and fingers to return.

If anyone out there wants to correspond about OvCa I'd really like to talk with someone who understands the ups and downs...

Posted by: Joy at December 12, 2007 1:48 PM

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